Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invitation to Join the Society of Young Nigerian Writers

Society of Young Nigerian Writers is using this opportunity to call on Young Nigerian Writers at home and abroad between the ages of 15-35 to submit the following information:

Schools attended with dates:
Title of Work(s):
ISBN Number(s) of works:
E-mail Address:
Award(s) or Prize(s) won:
Membership of Literary Organization(s):


Aims and Objectives

To design a computerized/web friendly database which will contain information about Young Nigerian Writers living in Nigeria and abroad. To make the works of Young Nigerian Writers available to wanted buyers/researchers.

To make works/information of Young Writers accessible to the general public/researchers.

To encourage/promote Young Nigerian Writers.

About the association:

SOCIETY OF YOUNG NIGERIAN WRITERS is a literary organization based in Oyo State, Nigeria. It was established to promote literary and creative writings among youths in the country.

SOCIETY OF YOUNG NIGERIAN WRITERS is an international and local affiliates of Winning Writers Association, Association for the Study of Poets, Playwrights and Novelists lives and works and World of Poets and Literary Society.

Our thematic areas are creative writing, poetry, essay, drama, diary and short story writing. In a bid to effectively address some social issues like politics, corruption, bribery, child hawking, religion malpractices to mention but few. We use various means such as poetry, drama, short stories, diary, novels and other forms of literary and creative arts to express our opinions and different views.

Lovers of literary world are always invited to SOCIETY OF YOUNG NIGERIAN WRITERS gathering organized by the society.

For inquiries:

For submissions:



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  2. am a writer, i have a blog and also a poem collection yet to be published, can i still register? am a 19years old female. thanks

    1. I am also a poet like you too... and I must say I am busy compiling my work... I have just added you on Google+... I believe meeting a fellow writer like my humble self will lead us to greater heights...

  3. I am an 18 year old write that is piling her works together, so far I have written poetry alone but I plan to expand to prose.

    my website is

    I would appreciate some feedback on my work.



    1. Helo Kofo please, I've gone through your blog, nice job I've seen, please send your contact, I have a project that would interest you. 08122595381, 09081112287. Thanks, will be expecting.

  4. i am Stella and also love to write. i just opened a blog and will love to meet other soulful writers, to better each other. please check out my blogsite and get back to me via my email. Here is my website

  5. I am a young writer who has written several poems and unpublished short stories. I wish to join the Young Writers Association of Nigeria, how do I proceed?

  6. i'm a writer with no published work yet but i have collection of works on my blog @ so can i register too?

  7. I am also a writer , pls chat me through or 08062442573 I just submitted my first write to publisher and work is ongoing. I need like minds to discuss with. Thanks

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  9. I write short stories and voluminous novels. i play around with young adult/mystery/history me 08053216280

  10. I have some collection of poems, I wish to work with aspired poet like me. Contact me on my mail,
    You can also visit my blog,

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  13. From my overview of things,SYNW is not the right place for inordinately ambitious writers like me.Though well organised,its aims and objectives are below my expectations.I have the feeling that we should start writers forums to get things right.

  14. I am a writer how do i join your association ?

  15. my name is janet oladele... am just 17... i have composed a lot of poems and novels... i wish to join the young writers club... you can add me up on facebook janet oladele

  16. We are looking for creative writers for specific categories like Fashion, Interior/Architecture, Products, and Graphics.

    If you're Interested, please get back to us with sample articles asap at

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  19. hello house! i am a writer too, i have some of my works on pls feel free to analyse and criticize my work.

  20. Hi all, I am also a writer, I write poems, prose, plays, educational stuffs as well as religious write Ups... Actually my write up are just piling up but last year I wrote and acted a part in a campus base movie for my association in school but my officially first play is being worked on presently in portharcourt by k films production (ikaraka tv at YouTube). I would like to be a member of this young inspiring association. 08103624976... Thanks