Friday, February 26, 2010

Calls for Submission&Give-away

A Word For Haiti
Blacklondoners Appeal, a London based group are calling on all writers for contribution of short stories, poems and lyrics to a collection of works to be published in May 2010. The book, A Word for Haiti, will be part of BlackLondoners year long appeal to raise funds for Haiti.

BlackLondoners Appeal is about grassroots organizations and communities coming together to help raise funds, raise awareness and help keep the focus on Haiti long after the cameras are gone. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Lambi Fund of Haiti. Writers should send their work to word4haiti@ The closing date for all submissions is 20 March 2010

Nigerian Writing Project
Are you tired of the bad press that Nigerians seem to get wherever we go? Do you want to change, influence or dispel the negative perceptions outsiders have about us? And do you want to share some of the passion you have for your country and explain its irresistible draw? And perhaps most importantly – can you write?

We are looking for just 20 brilliant Nigerian writers to take part in a ground-breaking, collaborative publishing project that will entertain, educate and influence readers globally while throwing a positive light on the country of our birth. The Nigerians is a collection of compelling and wittily written pieces that provide insights to help unravel the complex conundrum that is Nigeria. We are looking for unpublished writing between 2000 and 5000 words. The pieces must be upbeat, witty, fictional accounts of a place, an event, a character or a situation that sheds light on Nigeria or its people. We are looking for a range of pieces that are uplifting, real and human, and that give a respectful picture of Nigeria from an insider’s perspective. 

There will be no contributor fees, only the chance to collaborate on this influential initiative, but the selected writers will share equally in the royalties, the copyright and the limelight. Please contact  Moky if you would like to participate.

The Maple Tree Literary Supplement 
MLTS provides a platform for dialogue or interviews on any topic between and amongst Canadian writers, while featuring their work and, reporting on literary events, landmarks or festivals in Canada and around the world–with an emphasis on their Canadian composition. 

Prospective contributors should browse their site and target submissions at specific sections of the journal. All Contributions and enquiries should be sent to 

And the Sentinel Give-Away...
Sentinel Poetry Movement is set to give out a year's subscription to African Writing Magazine worth £21.00. 
For a chance to get this giveaway, submit a book review - any book of poetry, fiction or drama, or other Essays on any aspect of literature to Sentinel Literary Quarterly before midnight March 31st 2010. 

Every author that submits material will be eligible to win. A winner will be picked at random. Submission of a review does not mean we will publish it. You may still win, even if your review is not published. No correspondence will be entered into. If there are enough quality submissions to make the SLQ editor feel like dancing, he might just throw in a second subscription. All reviews should be submitted to 

Oya start writing; get published and win something. Have a fab weekend!


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