Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bookaholic&Lagos 2060 Giveaway...

It's been a while since you won something ehn? Here's a giveaway!

A quick brief on the Lagos 2060. 
The question ‘what do you think the future will look like?’ has been asked by millions of people the world. Sci-fi is one way to answer the question. The Lagos 2060 project is run by Dream Arts and Design Agency (DADA), in collaboration with the Nigerian Center for Excellence in Film and Media Studies, and Studio 1.5. DADA is a creative consultancy with interests in architecture, design, film and publishing. DADA Books, their publishing imprint, will be releasing an anthology of short science fiction stories resulting from the project, complete with illustrations. “Nothing beats telling your own story,” says Arigbabu, “if you don't, others will tell it as they see it. For all those who bellyached over the way Nigerians were portrayed in the (South African) science fiction movie - District 9, Salvation has come!” At the time of writing, DADA is in talks with international distributors for the anthology. The partnership of organizations are providing guidance for the writers through the project.

Lagos 2060 would eventually be an anthology of stories in a futuristic Lagos. Read more here

The competition
Now tell us in a paragraph some images that you think will be like Lagos in sci-fi as it may look, try to make it truth to life. You could write a story or an essay. The rules are simple: should be a paragraph. Should have Lagos in it. Should make us see 2060. Send your paragraphs to Not too many rules hen? Get creative! Start scribbling!

Deadline: A week from this post! So much time to write a paragraph...

The Prize: An autographed copy of Ayo Arigbabu's A Fistful of Tales

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