Monday, December 20, 2010

Literary Traveler Wants Travel Articles

Literary Traveler was launched in March of 1998. Their audience is made up of people who love to read and travel and who are interested in literature and the arts. They are seeking articles that capture the literary imagination. Is there an artist or writer that has inspired you? Have you taken a journey or pilgrimage that
was inspired by a work of literature? They focus mainly on literary artists but welcome articles about other artists: composers, painters, songwriters, storytellers, etc. Token fee offered for accepted work. View website for details.

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  1. Off topic slightly -- do you like to write when you travel? I don't. I put the pen down, and go out and see and be and do and feel. It's like fuel. It loads up and rises inside of me and then when I eventually return home, my writing is refreshed :)

    I wonder if you're the same. Just curious!