Saturday, January 29, 2011


How is the weekend going? Here is a list of links you can go for interesting reads. Have a great week ahead!

Brittle Paper: a bi-weekly blog that features writings inspired by literature and philosophy. Brittle Paper is what happens when a nibble of philosophy here and a crumb of literary theory there unite in the crucible of the author’s creative mind.

WritersAfrika: For the latest opportunities in writing and the academia. Really, we still don't know how they get their info...sure they'd be good literary FBI. They gather information, very well. 

Ikhide Ikheloa's Latest Blogpost on Next:  Read, read and read some more. That's Ikhide's advice to budding writers. This is a very well-written one. Plus you have a link to the hottest literary websites around. All in one article.

Daily News and Analysis' Interview with Orhan Pamuk: "When I write about love, the critics in the US and Britain say that this Turkish writer writes very interesting things about Turkish love. Why can't love be general? I am always resentful and angry of this attempt to narrow me and my capacity to experience this humanity. When non-Western authors express this humanity through their work their humanity is reduced to their nation's humanity," Another article about the same event here.

How Novels Came to terms with the Internet, Guardian UK Article: "The further literature is driven to the outskirts of the culture, the more it is cherished as a sanctuary from everything coarse, shallow and meretricious in that culture. It is the chapel of profundity, and about as lively and well visited as a bricks-and-mortar chapel to boot. Literature is where you retreat when you're sick of celebrity divorces, political mudslinging, office intrigues, trials of the century, new Apple products, internet flame wars, sexting and X Factor contestants – in short, everything that everybody else spends most of their time thinking and talking about. "


  1. Writers Africa are the real FBI indeed. :)

  2. Good info. Yes, I have also wondered how Writers Africa get their info. They gave an info about a writing opportunity in Ghana and was shocked about the stuff and the speed.