Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Release: Sentinel Nigeria&MTLS

Sentinel Magazine has a hot new issue. Straight from the creative stove. Many new writers, a new masthead and stories that will take your breath away. Take time and read their latest offering that focuses on the many-sided nature of life.  Here's from the editorial:

"I return to the title of this editorial, “Aye pe meji”. Let us imagine each poem, story, essay, drama and review in this issue as roads named after authors, Ukamaka Olisakwe, Yolanda Mabuto, E. E. Sule, Al Sudani, Funmi Ogunlusi and so on, each showing the diversity of our world and the multiplicity of reality. This image is a correct one, seen from the ground. Aye pe meji. Yet, let us elevate this image, let us imagine a satellite image of Nigerian writing. All these diverse ways, alleys and avenues crisscrossing the map all run into each other, forming One Road. Aye pe meji. The kernel of this mind game, on which I shall end this editorial, is; though our worlds are different, good writing makes it One. This task of “making”, creating and awakening is, simply, the raison d’etre of the Sentinel Nigeria magazine whose sixth issue I proudly invite you to savour."

Maple Tree Literary Supplement also has a new issue out. Here's a poem "Istanbul" by Salim Gold from there.

The muezzin, awake to God, awakes us,
Crying; his words splinter inside our ears,
While daylight sparks upon the splintered sea.
Look!  The Bosphorus shines like bone.  Next, blue dusk
Boils among black palms and gold minarets.
Then, night—fat with stars—shelters an Eden
Of exchange:  Flood our mouths with wine and kisses;
That welling fanaticism is Want.
Rococo, turquoise, baroque, is the sea.
Surface gloss peals in scales of light, but you,
Albino houri, kindle flesh gold-black.
If pious, fluorescent mosques lock us out.
So be it:  We kneel to a higher Love.
Yes, doff your watch:  It’s time to make Time stop.

Enjoy these offerings and check out their submissions page. We may be reading you next, who knows?


  1. Istanbul is a hearty, opulent little poem. Thank you for including it.