Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EC Osondu is in Town...

Sometime in 2009, we interviewed EC Osondu, after the interview, he went on to win the Caine Prize for that year. Not to mean that the interview made him win of course, it was just our way of saying go for it! And sure, he went for it!

Here we are in 2011, his collection of short stories, Voice of America has been published by Farafina. He would be reading in various parts of the country in July. Here's a breakdown of events. Catch him around town and say you are a Bookaholic Blog fan ;)


Abule-Book Club V.I on the 22nd; Patabah bookstore  Shoprite mall, Surulere on the 23rd  and Terrakulture V.I on the 30th.

Rainbow book club, Le Meridian hotel. on Sunday 24th.

And yes, there would be free Farafina books for grabs. Go listen to some voices out of America in Nigeria!


  1. In times like this, I wish I were in Nigeria.

  2. Though I have not read the entire book, I have read and enjoyed one of the stories 'Waiting'. Thanks for this piece of information.

  3. All the best to him on the tour!