Monday, April 2, 2012

Calls for Submission: ANA Review

The Editorial Board of ANA REVIEW, the in-house journal of the Association of Nigerian Authors, invites contributions from writers across the country and in other continents, for publication in the association’s journal. ANA REVIEW will feature original works in any of the following areas: critical essays, (not more than 15 pages), short stories, poems, interviews, conference reports, book reviews, author/critic profiles, reports from beneficiaries of fellowships and grants, and miscellanea including evaluation of poetry and dramatic performances.

Contributors are advised to send entries by electronic means only, preferably in MS Word 2003/2007, including brief biodata, to Dr. Amanze Akpuda (Editor-in-Chief) at

Late submissions will NOT be entertained.

For inquiries:
For submissions:


  1. chuckle @ late submissions. is there a deadline?

  2. I was wondering the same thing too. Is there a deadline?