Tuesday, August 4, 2009

KWANI TRUST: Short Story Competition

Do you live in Kenya or have memories about Kenya? Kwani Trust is pleased to announce the launch of a national short story competition titled, ‘The Kenya I Live In’, inspired by the recent push for ‘The Kenya We Want’, and ubiquitous conversations about a 2030 vision that places our heads in the clouds and obscures who we are and what we really are.

The 46-year old Kenya’s official narrative of ‘inherent’ goodness, indigenous beauty and widespread peace has now been running on empty for a while. So we seek newer stories that reflect our day to day lives, both private and public: the stories and narratives exchanged in schools, colleges, matatus, offices, churches, pubs, streets, suburbs, estates, mtaas, trading centres, valleys and hills. Stories told through song and dance, paint and brush, word and phrase, lens and shutter – stories now being told by a new generation, spurred by new imaginations, revealed by new narratives and expressions.

In addition to being published in tour upcoming issue, Kwani? 06, the three best stories will bag cash prizes. Submission deadline is September 7th 2009, also read submission guidelines here

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