Monday, November 23, 2009

Calling the Poets...

We find these projects interesting. Performance poets should try to participate. Really there's a revolution brewing, you are either a part of it or not...

Badilisha! Poetry X-Change introduces a brand new dimension to the live poetry project--the Badilisha!, an online poetry radio station which will produce weekly podcasts of poets from Africa and the Diaspora. Our blog will also facilitate relevant poetry discussions and open the way for continued conversation amongst poets featured on the podcasts, greater exposure of the work of African poets to the world and to each other. Weekly shows will be presented by South African writer and performance poet Malika Ndlovu. aims to encourage, expose and celebrate the work of African and Diaspora poets, answering to the need for an Africa-centred platform where these African voices and works from all over the globe can be accessed and enjoyed, as well as serving as a networking space for these artists within and beyond the literary arena. More info here.

International Poetry Competition Castello Di Duino - Under 30 Poetry
Deadline:  December 31st, 2009 (For schools 2010 January 15th)
Rules of participation:

  • The competition is open to young people under 30 years of age.
  • The participation is free.
  • Participants have to send only one unpublished , never prized poem (maximum 50 lines).
  • The general theme of the Edition 2008 is: Lights/shadows (for instance : the natural alternation of times, the colours of the reality and  soul, the metaphers of the life,  thinking,  doubts. The topic can be worked out very free 
  • Poems will be accepted in the mother tongue of the authors. A translation into English and /or Italian is required.
  • A jury composed by poets and literary critics with different linguistic competences will evaluate the poems as much as possible in their original language.
More information here.


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