Friday, November 27, 2009

Writing Competitions...

One way to test the waters of the literary world is by entering for competitions. Here are two quite interesting ones. And of course, there are entry fees. Read instructions carefully--they are important on the road to success or failure! 

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Short Story Competition has been introduced to encourage and reward quality short fiction writing, create and sustain awareness about the publication and if by any chance a small financial margin is achieved at the end of each competition, that will go back into producing the magazine and help keep it a free-to-read publication.

 Competition Details 

  • Subject: Short Stories may be on any subject.
  • Length: Maximum 1,500 words per story
  • Entry Fees: £5.00 per story, £9.00 for 2 stories and £12.00 for 3 stories.
  • Prizes--First Prize: £100.00, Second Prize: £60.00, Third Prize: £40.00. More information here.

Ambit Magazine 200 Words Prose and Poetry Competition
To celebrate their 200th issue Ambit invites you to enter their 200 WORDS COMPETITION! Send in poems or prose of 200 words for a chance to win any of these: 1st prize: £500, 2nd prize: £200, 3rd prize: £75. More information here.

To have a feel of the world of Ambit, read a PDF Copy here. And if you are thinking about their general submissions guidelines, take a look at this.


  1. People new to writing competitions should no contest fees are not mandatory as this post suggests. There are many free contests (with often much better prize money) and I would suggest new writers start there.

  2. I don't understand contests with fees. It usually turns me off because I'm not even writing for the prize just feedback and recognition.

  3. It shouldn't be. Contest should be about recognizing and rewarding talent. why should you pay to get your talent rewarded.