Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chinua Achebe, Uwem Akpan and KTravulAID

The week has been fun with so much to read and share. And that's despite all that's happening in Jos and Haiti. Read this post and sure you'll begin to consider being a giving-reader, whatever that means.

Read Chinua Achebe's interesting personal narrative on Nigeria, published on Guardian UK. He says so much many young people of this generation aint aware of. Good read!

Uwem Akpan is just not yet done with all readers; his writing fires are still hot. Read his latest offering on New Yorker

Our good friend on Bookaholic Blog, Kola Tubosun helps raise funds for Haiti and Jos. And guess what? You get a lovely artwork for giving. Giving has never been so artistically rewarding! Find out more here and  here. He also blogs about ten reasons to buy KTravulart for Jos. Offer valid while stock lasts!

Alright people, go read; go give and get an artwork. Have a great weekend!


  1. Kola's photography looks great! But I'm yet to finish Uwem's NY prose.

  2. Thank you Myne. We're still expecting your bid though :)
    Thank you Bookaholic for this shoutout. Thank you also for your support. So far we have raised $230, all of which is headed towards relief effort of the people of Jos via the Red Cross. Your help is greatly appreciated. And we hope to raise much more money in the next couple of weeks through this effort.
    Regards from