Friday, July 30, 2010

For all Artists....

Okay, we agree that we get entangled with books a lot of the time. Here's a post for artists...we hope you apply.

F.I.A – 2010/2011
From October 11th 2010 till March 31st 2011

A interdisciplinary artistic investigation deeply rooted in the Studies of the Body. A period of 6 months dedicated to a practical daily work which promotes the arising of essential questions brought by each individual in her/his own investigation. This daily work includes reflection and discussion. Through it the proposals developed by each creator will come to form allowing a growing understanding and a profound knowledge of the matter under investigation.

F.I.A is organized in blocs of practical work focusing on the Body (sensation, perception, movement, relation) tangled with proposals guided by professionals from different artistic and scientific backgrounds (dance, writing, video, sound art, philosophy, anthropology, biology, body theory). At the same time each person is individually coached, having dialogues with the tutors and producing papers that are presented to the collective for feedback. During these six months of practical work each creator should find the ways that better suit him in the process of sharing with others the questions of his current investigation. The final public communication will assume the form that each creator considers adequate as an exercise fitted to the matter of study.

Applications from April 5th till September 3rd 2010.

More information here

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