Friday, September 10, 2010

Peter Drucker Writing Challenge

Been dreaming of visiting Vienna all expense paid? Read on...

Today's situation is not identical, but we too are faced with a worldwide economic crisis  and a society in transition. It's a transition on many levels - technological, economic,  societal - that needs to be properly managed. To do that the contributions of the young  generation will be key. They will have to find the right balance between continuity and  change, will have to find innovative and contemporary ways without ignoring or even  destroying old and time-tested practices and tools that worked and still work.

We want to hear from young people, want to hear from YOU - about to enter the workforce or  already with some first-hand experiences in companies, organizations, or as young entrepreneurs: Where do they see the biggest and most realistic opportunities for innovation and change - and where would they be most needed? How can we be successful in managing those changes?

The essay may focus on specific institutional fields such as public sector, education, corporations, small business etc. or may take a transversal perspective. Concrete recommendations for directions to take and concrete measures should be part of the conclusion.

  • Participants must not to be older than 35 years. 
  • The length of the essays should be  between 1.500 words and 3.000 words (which roughly translates into 5-10 pages). 
  • Essays can be submitted in both English and German - the two languages Peter Drucker wrote his 
  • articles and books in. 
The new deadline for submitting the essays is September 15th, 2010.

What is the prize?
- The authors of the top 3 essays will be flown to Vienna and invited to participate at  the "Global Peter Drucker Forum 2010" in Vienna on November 19. Winners will also be  invited to participate in the Senior Executive Symposium on November 17.
- Up to 40 authors of high quality essays with free access to the "Global Peter Drucker Forum 2010" on November 18 and 19.
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