Monday, September 27, 2010

Something New...&Old

Introducing the Nigeria Beehive Project

The Nigeria Beehive, is One Global Economy’s online initiative in Nigeria. The main sections of the website are: Health, Agriculture, Education, Health and Money. Through the Beehive, we provide Nigerians with information that helps you make better decisions in their lives. Information is power; thus, we hope to empower people through access to information. We also hope to:
Provide access to local, national and global content useful to the Nigerian audience. There's something for everyone: students, teachers, job seekers, health workers, children, parents, investors and the tourists who want to know more about Nigeria.
Be a one-stop mobile shop for Nigerians to gather information that cover citizens' interests from a local perspective.
Give action tips through which you can implement all that you learn on the website. The Beehive will guide you through what to do next after you are informed.
Start a network. We hope that after getting informed, you can work other organizations/individuals at the grassroots to transfer the information. Knowledge of all is the power of all.

What you can do:
Visit the Beehive Website
Blog about the Nigeria Beehive.
Join the Beehive Nigeria Facebook Group here
Tell A Friend

  • Invite your friends to join the group
  • Send them messages to join
  • Put a word about the Beehive on your Facebook Status
  • Link to the website on your status by sharing articles from the website
  • Tweet about the Beehive.

Something Old...

An interview with Nnedi OkoraforEnjoy!

What does it mean to be a writer?
It means solitude, which often becomes loneliness. It means hard work with little initial reward. Discipline. Distorted nakedness. And it means that you have a place to channel your fury and a place to create your dreams.

Visit Nnedi's blog here.

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