Saturday, November 20, 2010

Society of Non-Fiction Authors opens for business

As part of activities geared towards a successful inception, the Society of Non-Fiction Authors of Nigeria (SONFAN), held its first press conference at their National secretariat on October 25, 2010.

SONFAN, the umbrella body for anyone in Nigeria engaged in writing academic and non-fiction works, was incorporated in earlier this year and began operation on October 1.

On hand for the SONFAN briefing were: the group’ss interim President Osa Egonwa; the treasurer, Fidelia Omusopa; the Executive Director, Inyang Ekanem and other officials.

In his address, the president (also a professor of Art and Art History and Human Development at Delta State University, Abraka) outlined the reasons behind the establishment of the association and its aims and objectives.

“There arose the need to organise writers of academic and non-fiction works in Nigeria into an umbrella organisation that would serve their common and professional interests,” he said.

“This became even more pressing because writers in other fields have been organised and the strength of the organisation has become evident in the vibrancy of not just the associations but also in the activities they engage in,” he added.

“Consequently, SONFAN was incorporated to nurture, advance and promote intellectual endowments, aspirations and pursuits in Nigeria as well as protecting the intellectual property rights of authors locally and internationally, individually and in collaboration with governments, agencies, institutions and international partners,” Egonwa declared.

The president decried the ignorance of many writers about the importance of knowing and protecting their rights, especially in relation to intellectual properties.

He argued that it is not enough to publish a book or release an album and be paid a token amount of money. Monies in the form of royalties ought to accrue to the creator each time his work is used as a copyright material, Egonwa insisted. So the job of the association is to enlighten people that once you are an author of a non-fictional works, you have rights.

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