Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...On Translation

Kola Tubosun starts an interesting discourse here and it has kept me wondering. Every writer wants to be a part of the world. However there are questions that have to be answered. Many of them are raised by Kola Tubosun:

"What is lost in translation? What remains? How authentic is that product of translation in representing the original thought of the writer? Who makes the call of how translations should turn out? How much is taking too much liberties with original ideas? Where does translation end and improvisation/adaptation begin?" 

One thing that I know is that it's either translation enhances a work or it kills it. Yeah but how do you know if all you are reading is the translation? How does the writer know that the translator did justice to their work when they don't understand the language? These are some questions on my mind....what do you think?

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  1. Difficult questions. Maybe we should agree that translation is an art. I think that only if you know the author intimately you can do him/her justice, but it's not always possible. People who never read fiction in translation loose something, because they don't have access to other points of view.