Monday, February 20, 2012

iRead: Romance on the Bookshelf Part 3

Our penultimate edition features two hot reads by Netty Ejike.

Stormy Affair by Netty Ejike
Is she going to be his undoing?
Their love life was wonderful and intense. Magical.
But while billionaire Miles Sanderson believed in pleasures with no strings attached, naïve Brooke Wilde believed in love, marriage, and children.
Though so different, they were inexplicably drawn to each other from the beginning.
But when Miles broke his cardinal rule by falling in love, he realized it was time to end the relationship. Only he had no idea just how much that would cost him…
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An Impious Proposal by Netty Ejike An accident brought them together, a proposal forced them apart.
After their explosive meeting, Somadina, a religious aspirant, was surprised that a friendship developed between her and Ikem, the haughty multimillionaire whose car she’d bashed.
So when a problem cropped up in her family, she naturally sought help from him.
But she least expected the impious proposal he made to her in return, forcing her to make choices she wouldn’t have ordinarily dreamt of.
Heaven help her…
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  1. I read Obsession and Stormy Affair, and I mavelled at the consistency and the conflict creation and resolution in her work. Netty has proved that there is still hope for African Literature. The setting of Impius proposal made me smile....I am currently working on a book that is set in Enugu too though with a touch of some other cities in Nigeria and Asia. Netty, keep your work flying, we will rule the world of literature soon..That's my ultimate desire. Nosy Ude