Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bookaholic With Bella: Eko Dialogue by Joy Isi Bewaji

Eko Dialogue

By Joy Isi Bewaji

110pp; Eternal Creations Limited

Joy Isi Bewaji's Eko Dialogue explores the many voices that roar through this chaotic mass in a witty and sarcastic way.

Bewaji knows her Lagos well; you can hear and smell it through each word from her pen and this is revealed, not only through her detailed description of the metropolis, but the clinical dissection of its residents through the characters and the language that is very "Lagosian".

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  1. I can't now remember where I heard about the book. Fascinating. Lagos is synonymous with stories. God! Smart idea. Would def scout around for the book.

    Nice work on your blog! Will def keep coming.

  2. I really should buy and read Isi's book! Thanks for the review...

  3. True. Lagos rocks and it's easy to assume that without Lagos, Nigeria would hardly be a country. I often wonder if I could live anywhere else and everytime I ask myself this question, only one answer crops up - NO. I guess I need to read Eko Dialogue as well.

  4. You can order the book directly from the author at

  5. Nice blog. I like! I have heard so much about this book will get myself a copy.
    This is a great blog. have I said that already.