Monday, March 16, 2009

Writers' Market

FRONT is a Canadian journal of contemporary art and culture. They say, “We will consider submissions

of prose, poetry, fiction, performance documents etc. Each issue is given a theme, which will be published

in the preceding issue and on the website. We encourage you to interpret the theme freely, but to

bear in mind that we will give preference to material that engages the theme in an interesting way.


“We usually pay $25 per page, the rate for photography and original art varies between $50 and



Manuscripts can be up to 2,500 words and should be submitted by email, either in the body of

the email, or as an RTF or Word attachment. The author’s contact details and a short biography should

appear on the first page of the text.”


FRONT Magazine, 303 East 8th Avenue,

Vancouver, BC, V5T 2S1, Canada.

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