Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calls for Submission: Granule Magazine

For readers and contributors, Granule is 100% more nourishing than sleep… A submission-led literary periodical with a mission: to inspire and have you howling with joy.

Compiled from a variety of penmanship – including short stories, poems, reviews and lists – we celebrate, encourage and applaud. Wit, inventiveness, art, absurdity, simplicity, all expressed in words and complemented by mercurial visuals; all from the underground. Your ‘everyday’ will be endowed with pop, fizzle, fun, positivity and zeal. Low-brow and independent, Granule is a short-run tactile beauty and something to cherish. Stop stopping and start starting. Welcome all, welcome to Granule.

WRITERS please send your work to
Contact Name: Administrator

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