Thursday, July 9, 2009

Esquire's Fiction Contest

Esquire is a men's lifestyle magazine (not the point I want to make, just an intro). Esquire has an ongoing fiction contest but I can't apply as it is only open to legal residents of US (sad, ain't it?). Well, for those based in US, the rules are here and plan to write, who knows? All the best!

Quick question: when will Nigerian magazines organise contests asides the contest of 'Who wears what best?' on their pages (not all of them though) and raising money through all these catwalks...something to encourage writers? Don't misquote me, some have quality content and I read them but just this little snag... Am I making general assumptions? Do you know any Naija magazine that has organised any such competition? Let us know!


  1. never seen a nigerian mag organize such contests..even is so annoying...
    Thanks for your posts..very informative.

  2. Esquire contest only for resident of USA. BOO HOO!:(