Saturday, October 17, 2009

Advice: Writing for Mags

We got an email from someone recently asking how s/he could get their writing out there. From the little experience of the industry that we had. Yeah, not that we've hit it like that o! We came up with this. We are still in the school of life, please let us know the tricks that have worked for you...

  • Buy several copies of the magazines you are interested and study; yes, study everything, content, format, layout--you need to understand the magazine you want to write for. Don't you think?
  • Get the editors' email contacts, we think it's a better approach than calling; it's a 'little writing' that can either steal the editor's heart or turn it against you. So why not put your best foot forward? Now that means no excuses for misspellings, wrong use of words, awful concord, and others in their clan...
  • Find where you fit either to create new content for them or a place where there is a template, propose story ideas for those templates
  • Pitch your ideas/stories;make them short, simple and clear as the editor doesn't have much time to bother with ramblings
  • Try to show why you are the best person for the job by attaching a mini-CV with links to the best of your published work, if you have none attach a sample piece.
  • Wait a few days for response, if there is none email again.
  • It's either the person doesn't like your pitch or too busy to reply or simply email-lazy!

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