Friday, October 30, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Let's sing the National Anthem (the first or the second one, it doesn't matter, really and too bad if you don't know the two stanzas because we are going all the way). No, let's recite the National pledge. Why all these nationalism? You wonder.

The winners of the Commonwealth Short Stories have been announced. And yes, Nigerians rocked the scene, now you understand why I am so so, let it end there. Maybe despite the obvious 'uncomfortable' situation in which writers live makes it easier for creativity to thrive (and don't ask me why most award-winning Nigerians write from outside Nigeria); the important thing is that they write about Nigeria (and that they are Nigerians, of course). Let's say it like Ben Okri did in an interview with Molara Wood (paraphrased): the stories are abundant in Lagos (and London) but it's challenging, difficult even to write those stories here. And the reasons are obvious, and a writer has the responsibility to create his/her own silence amidst the 'madness' of Lagos or wherever...

Okay, away from my rant. Here are the winners from Nigeria: Kachi Ozumba (Overall Winner for the African Region); and the highly recommended stories had Ayobami Adebayo, Carlang Mbofung and Akinwunmi Akinwale. Congratulations people, we are so proud of you. And for the other names, you will have to check that out yourself here. 

And don't sulk if you submitted and didn't make it, next year is another time. You try again...true writers never quit; and maybe quitters are not true writers (imitating Schuller in my opinion) they keep writing despite rejection slips.

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  1. Congrats to the winners and to doing naija proud. I think some of those people are based in the country.