Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now this is to all Nigerian Journalists...

Here's an opportunity for Nigerian journalists to get rewarded for their efforts...thanks to the Wole Soyinka Society for Investigative Journalism. And let's hope it's not like the "big oil award" with "the big prize" that never went to any writer--that was a huge joke. It's also a topic for another day... 

Eligibility: The Award is open to any Nigerian professional journalist or team of journalists (full time professionals or freelancers)

Categories: Consideration will be for works in the Print, Broadcast, Photography, and Online journalism categories.

Criteria: The main criterion for eligibility is that the work (single work or single-subject serial) involves reporting on public or corporate corruption, human rights violation, or on the failure of regulatory agencies. Such works must have been first published or broadcast in a Nigerian medium within the past one year.

Deadline for Submission of Entries: OCTOBER 31ST, 2009

For more info, click here.

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