Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bookaholic Temitayo Needs Your Votes :-)

It's been fun for us doing this blog. And this is not about quitting though it sounds like the first lines when bloggers want to say goodbye. We are so many other things than Bookaholics, we write (that's very obvious by now!); we also enter for writing competitions.

This is about one of such competitions. It's also about Temitayo one of the Bookaholics. It's so exciting that she's been selected as a finalist of the WLP essay competition :--)

Would be great if you can read the essay here and comment on it. It doesn't end there blog about it, tweet about it, facebook it, forward it to your friends. There's the Audience Choice Award for the essay with the most comments. Your comments count much for her, and you would have extended the boundaries, in a way.

Time is not on our hands, we only today left for the votes. So what you waiting for? CLICK! READ! COMMENT!

Some Excerpts from the Essay.

"A woman’s fate is determined by men and women who play God. Her first gift is a doll-named-Baby with which she rehearses home maker, wife and mother. She is groomed to be a ‘proper woman’ — the silent one when the men are talking. All these in preparation for her husband’s house; is that not where all ‘good’ women end? A woman’s worth is defined first by her father, then her husband and last by the children she bears. She’s more blessed if she bore boys. If it’s a girl child, irrespective of her career success, she has to follow her mother’s steps. A ‘good woman’ doesn’t break the cycle! That’s not all, these ‘inequality gods’ add spice to her lifespan with other tough stops like the lack of freedom of choice; gender discrimination; rape and assaults of all kind. A woman should not allow these ‘inequality gods’, be they spiritual, economic, political or social, to script her life and that of her daughters."

"In Buchi Emecheta’s Joys of Motherhood, Nnu Ego the main character laments when she realizes that she has lived for others but herself. To quote her, “God when will you create a woman who will be fulfilled in herself, a full human being, not anybody’s appendage?” In response, that complete woman is you and me—educated or illiterate; rich or poor regardless of nationality. For ‘complete women’ to live in a gender equal world, courage is important.
As a woman, learn that nobody will give you equality.
You just have to decide that you are taking it.
Be fearless and then take it!

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