Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saraba, AW and A Thank You Note

Okay as usual, we are always sneaking around the internet for what's new and hot in the world of literature. This week, you have two online magazines, a short story and a winning essay, served hot and fresh. Enjoy!

Saraba Mag is one and they celebrate with an anniversary issue. Very rich with interesting memoirs, short stories and interviews.

African Writing Online is such a good one too, with many interesting interviews. BTW, that's their last 'fully' online edition. They are going to be in print. Yay!

Read Chika Unigwe's short story 'Those Safe Hands of His' in Open Wide Magazine.

BTW, Temitayo Olofinlua won the WLP Essay Contest. This is a thank you note from the Bookaholic Ladies. Thank you for all the support. Read the winning essay, On Fear.


  1. WOW! YOU WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVELY ARTICLE BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Seye, for the comment and kind words :-)

  3. Congrats Temitayo!!!!!! Well done, you wrote an excellent article and you deserved to win. Good job!

  4. Congrats Temitayo, your essay was worth the win. You go girl!

  5. Useful information.Oh, n congratulations to Temitayo.

    Off the topic, I'd appreciate an honest review on this blog (it's an excerpt from a theater play), and if you like, be free to follow my blogs;)

  6. @Everyone-thanks for the comments :-)

    @T Notes: just saw the play, it's a bit long and may take a while to get back to you. Will do in due time though! Now due time is very subjective...and may not be soon!

  7. Congrats Temitayo. Touching Essay. Keep up the good work!