Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slice and Dice...

This is just a sneak to give you an idea of what you'd get at the Vagina Monologues. Enjoy!

VOICE: In many parts of our country, there is an unabated custom. It is the shortening or the entire total removal of the clitoris, which has more nerve endings than any other part of the human body and gives great sexual pleasure to the female.  Those who practice it call it female circumcision.They say that it is the only way to prevent a woman from being promiscuous and only prostitutes refuse circumcision. Prostitutes and white people. It is the white man who refers to it as female genital mutilation. Those who advocate for its the excision of the clitoris are from all walks of life. They are educated and, they are illiterate, they are bankers and they are traders. They say the clitoris encourages promiscuity and will lead to a woman moving from man to man, seeking sexual gratification. Sex during the day, Sex during theat night, Sex in the house, Sex in the market; never satisfied, always itchying, always hungry for more. The surest way of rearing a ‘come and do’, an unbridled female who seeks sex wantonly, they say, is to leave the clitoris as it was made. It is the devil’s mark and if not removed, must lead its carrier to the devil’s front door. 

WOMAN: (In response) They neglect to say there is no evil in pleasure. No one has ever shortened the head of a man’s penis, an appendage full of nerve ends, because they do not want men to be promiscuous. 

ALL WOMEN: (Thoughtfully) Hmmmm… 

WOMAN: The least that can happen to the woman who has her clitoris chopped off, is the deprivation of the full possibilities of sexual pleasure for the rest of her life: . Aa life sentence of never actually ‘“getting there’.”. In some cases, horrific injuries are done to the vagina of the female being ‘“corrected”, partscorrected’, parts of the labia are sliced off and , deformities occur. People without orthodox medical experience sit and slice, cut and dice. They remould and play God, these people 

WOMAN 1: killjoys 
WOMAN 2: slashers 
WOMAN 3: destroyers of pleasure 
WOMAN 4: mutilators. 

WOMAN: What would you think, if upon birth your hand was chopped off because there was the possibility you might steal or take something that didn’t belong to you? In that case, we all should have one hand or none, because at some point in time, you (she pointspointing at the audience) and you and you have taken someone else’s property, whether it be a book you forgot to return, or a spouse you coveted and took from its first owner. 

The women of Igbuzor know what I am saying. In that place, the clitoris is not removed until a woman gets pregnant and the pregnancy is at an advanced stage. (Pregnant Woman is brought up kicking and screaming and laid spread-eagled) 

Then, she has her clitoris removed. It must not touch the head of the child that is coming into the world.  A woman who has tasted the possibilities of pleasure has everything taken away from her. The clitoris is not an appendix that is removed because it serves no purpose. It is there to give pleasure. Pleasure is a good thing and we have no reason to apologise for it. If you will not cut off your finger to please me, let my clitoris be. It does you no harm.

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  1. I saw this once and was really impressed. Which version are they showing? The international one?