Friday, May 28, 2010

Itching to Write?

Itch always delivers when it comes to creative themes. Here's your opportunity to see and write 'i' in a new way.  Here's the brief:

Artists working in any medium and writers expressing themselves in any form or genre are invited to submit work for the sixth issue of ITCH Online. The “theme” is:*i*Me, me, me – you, you, you? Where does the self fit in to the ways in which creative work takes shape? Of all the lovely words that start with it-i-nformation, i-nquisitiveness, i-deologies, i-nterventions, i-dentities,-diosyncrasies, i-tchiness, i-ntrospection, i-ntentions (good or bad) -which is most i-nteresting to you? How do questions of ‘i’ i-nfluence (ooh, there’s another good one) your i-nteractions (again!) with the outside world? What is i-nner space, and what is outer space? What is the boundary between the two? How could a dot hovering above a column represent the complexities of self i-dentity, those battles between id and ego? What kinds of things do people do all by themselves, alone, just ‘me, myself and i’? What does this little letter represent? What names, places, practices and experiences might it i-nspire? What is the line between i-diocy and -ntelligence? What does ‘i’ mean to you?* 

You are free to interpret this theme in any way that you wish, to speak to or against it, to explore or ignore it.

Deadline: 6 June 2010. 

More information here

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