Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Leader Essay Contest

Phase 1

Nigerian Youths  Are Deciding the Qualities and Values of the 2011 President!

Once again Democracy is about to give us a chance to choose the leader of our dream in the coming general elections. No nation can grow beyond the quality of its leadership. Nigeria is loaded with huge potentials, all we need is the leader who can harness all these potentials and move us into a nation of peace and prosperity. The time to identify that leader is NOW!

Interestingly in the history of our great nation, there has never been such a time when young people are mobilising and gathering to actively engage in the processes that shall produce leaderships both at the local and national levels come the 2011 elections. From online social networks to real time rallies and conferences, the heat is on. Young people are coming around and coming in to say that they are stakeholders in the political space. Afterall they possess a huge chunk of the votes that shall determine the next leadership, and the policies and programs of any leader always has telling impact on the lives of our youths. There are many ongoing efforts by young people to ensure that Nigeria gets it right this time, and this essay contest is one of such efforts.

So in your own words, write a 2 page essay on the topic “The Qualities and Values My President in 2011 Must Have and WHY”.

The Prize

    * The Best Essay Author wins a 10days all expense paid trip to a West African country operating a Democracy.
    * The 2 Runners-up alongside shall recieve consolation gift items and would as well be presented alongside the Winner  to The Hon. Minister of Youth Development of Nigeria, and members of the press in Abuja.

Send in your essays today through

Eligibility 18-35 years old Nigerians. Only 1 essay entry is allowed per individual.

Entry closes June 5th, 2010.

Call line: GSM  +234 703 553 5876


Phase 2

My Leader 2011 Youth Campaign

The essay contest is just the begining of the process. After the essays and winners announced, the next phase of the initiative shall be unfolded. A prelude to that is inviting you to become a member of “My Leader 2011 Youth Campaign” on the Youngstars website. It is  a group of young Nigerians passionately active to see a competent leader emerge in the 2011 elections.

This Campaign is going to go beyond just online networking, activities shall include real time on-ground engagement! Spread the word everywhere and every time and invite all your friends to join the group. Lets build a huge network of young people passionate about good leadership come 2011 elections. More details on this group shall be unveiled in coming weeks


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  3. It is a true fact that here are many ongoing efforts by young people to ensure that Nigeria gets it right this time, and this essay contest is one of such efforts. I'll about to write my paper on this topic; thanks for the publishing - it is helpful!