Thursday, March 17, 2011


Eurekanaija is a journal of a young, slightly impatient Nigerian . It covers everything that is a distinct part of being a young adult, being a Nigerian, being a writer, being an engineer, being a dreamer. The primary aim is to improve her writing. We think she is doing it well!

Author-Network is cool for writing news generally. They also organise starting writing contests. 

Kidlit is a site for writers, readers and fans of children’s literature written by Mary Kole, associate agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Learn to make your writing Exciting at Sentence Level 

On Philantrophy Writing, you’ll find thoughtful questions, inspiring stories of giving and service, and good news for a change. I will share stories, quotes and links featuring charitable acts, big and small, and hope to dive deeper into what truly motivates people to give. How do we nurture a spirit of generosity in a culture that has evolved away from community and sharing? Once we have the spark to give, how do we sustain it, while staying present to ourselves? And how can we strike a balance between doing nothing, and hitting compassion fatigue? 

PulpFactionClub is an online initiative aimed at making reading cool and hip again. We explore books and their social relevance. PulpFactionClub creates a virtual platform for no holds barred discussions on books of various genres. Our goal is to form a vivacious community of books lovers.

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