Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Favourite Place to Write...

Here's the Arvon Writing Competition...all the best Bookaholics :)

Enter the competition to win an Arvon week by writing a piece of flash fiction or poetry that describes your favourite writing place. The winning entry will be chosen by Sunday Times journalist Cathy Galvin. Send your story to competition@arvonfoundation.org  by 21 May 2011. Further details can be found on p.11 of the 2011 Arvon course brochure.
 Good luck!

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  1. I have a book to suggest for your review, how do I contact you? The book is: The Anger of Unfulfillment: Three Plays Out of Nigeria by award winning poet and playwright Jekwu Ozoemene. My email is: sharper@bohlsenpr.com. Thank you!