Monday, March 28, 2011


Interesting Links for the weekend. Have fun!

Reading Marathon.
"The words in the pages spat out libations to the gods in me. I swallowed the libations, revering those gods in me, respecting myself as a vessel that sheltered the gods in me. From thence, reading ceased to be some sort of literary pagan ritual. Reading became sacred. Each book was a prophetic medium that interpreted inspiration into a language I could understand.
In books I found a home for my homeless heart. Books taught me the tenets of tolerance and respect. I learnt love and peace and strength. Books taught me how not to be ashamed of being a young woman, how to embrace the person that I am and the person I am destined to be."
This is one of the responses to the Reading Revolution Project here  by Storymoja.

Now the internet is so annoyingly slow...I was going to add more brief on the project. Go to the link and write about the reasons you love reading. Would be great to read them here too ;) Have a great week!

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