Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Call for submissions: Melrose Publishing Limited

Melrose Books and Publishing was conceptualized in February 2010 and began operation in January 2011.  It was founded on the basic principle of introducing new ways of publishing through innovative and modern methods of creating content that would make learning easier, interactive and interesting to the reader or user. 

In addition to our educational books, we have interest in promoting and exploring the creative minds of Africans home and abroad through literary works. One of our goals is to create a reading culture among Nigerians, whilst sustaining it.

We are presently working on prose fictional works for pupils in Primaries four to six (4-6) and students in Junior Secondary School one to three (JSS1-3). People who are interested in writing for these categories should send their manuscripts to and copy

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  1. Another fantastic opportunity for writers. Writers everywhere take advantage of this opening, you might not know where it will lead to.