Monday, September 19, 2011

Saraba 9: The Food Issue

Saraba Mag has been churning out interesting issues, issue after issue. The latest is about food. Read the publishers note, start salivating. Download free here 

"There is a certain way of perpetuating the discourse of food: relishing a meal while predetermining the next. This might be the subliminal rationale behind the Prequel Issue to the Food Issue, the culinary delight of hors d’oeuvre. This philosophy might as well promote gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins, but Temitayo Olofinlua’s piece pointedly asserts this behaviour as popular during the ghastly military era that beleaguered Nigeria a republic ago. And that our Food Issue is timely in re-ushering Muslim faithfuls from their stint with abstinence, the milieu is primed to receive Saraba’s muse on food as a literary meal.

There is another of way of looking at food; that which was deployed by Emmanuel Iduma in his conversation with Dr. Chima Anyadike. Food inimitably intersects with literature severally, and Anyadike’s measured responses to Iduma’s intellectual bravado pays off, it lends perspective to the literature of food.

Chika Unigwe and previous contributors to Saraba also put forward their short experiences and thoughts about food. What we have is another collagist of sort, a chart of monologues on one of the most unifying experiences.


Caveat: We prescribe that the issue should be engaged with a full stomach for maximum enjoyment!"

Have a great week!

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