Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now Tell us: Who is your fav Fiction Character?

I have read Toni Morrison's Beloved (you know I'm a fan already!) and absolutely find it hard to get Beloved, the character, the Baby Ghost off my mind. Not my fault, Morrison did a fantastic job with that character even as she made her stride both worlds of the living and the dead.

Now come to Africa, there's a way Ben Okri (though most of his stories seem plot-driven) makes his character a part of you--you can literally touch them; almost believe that they live very close to you. Now, that's good writing. If you've read Famished Road, and know the Abiku child; you will understand what mean.

Final example--Kainene in Chimamanda's Half of a Yellow Sun was a strong one for me. Though not the stereotype African woman--she shows that there are no limits; that the only limits to being who you want to be exists, not really in the society, but in your mind. After closing the last page of the book, I dreamt of Kainene, I joined in the search for her, in my mind. Somehow, I think I still search for her!

Now, you tell us--who is your favourite fiction character? Why do you love them?


  1. For my favourite character, let me go for Wole Soyinka's "Baroka" for many a tongue-in-cheek reason, and for one more, beyond mere mischief:

    1. He's sly, but also smart: He knew what mattered to him the most, in this case a new wife, and he went for it in the ways he knew best.
    2. He's crude, but also considerate: He got what he wanted from the pretty girl in an "unconventional" way, but he still "stuck his neck out" to marry her, paying the bride price that the English-speaking teacher refused to.
    3. He's aged, but he's also agile: I don't need to explain this one.

    PS: Thank you for your challenging interview, featuring me on your blog yesterday. It was an honour. Regards to the Bookaholic Crew.

  2. I like Kainene but also Olanna's husband, Odenigbo.

  3. It's true what you say about Baby Ghost and Kainene from "Half of a Yellow Sun". There are some writers who are able to create characters that you feel close to even if they are from very different characters. Even if I am not black and I am not African I felt both of them as very close to me, very real.

    "Beloved" is one of my favourite books, while I was reading it I cried so much and I even had a nightmare related to it. It's such a powerful book, everyone should read it!

  4. I was touched by Ali Banana in Biyi Bandele's Burma Boy. And most of the other main characters in the book too.

  5. Scout Finch in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is my all-time favourite. She's oh-so adorable! I've been in love with her forever.

    Seye Abimbola

  6. I absolutely love all the Mirabal sisters in Julia Alvarez's 'In the Time of Butterflies'. They are so real, so weak and yet so strong. I love that in spite of or maybe because of their individual personalities, they become brave through all they face. I also loved the way they sacrificed their comfortable lives in the name of freedom.Its a great book and I think it is primarily because of the characterization.
    Ayobami Adebayo