Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing Workshop: WiAiA


From 27 October to 4 November 2009, SPARCK will host the first WiAiA: an international workshop dedicated to innovative writing and publishing about contemporary creation in the African world.

WiAiA stands for Word into Art into Africa. WiAiA is designed to address the need, and to respond to active calls from arts practitioners with whom SPARCK collaborates, for (more) creative and (more) ethically engaged writing about the production of contemporary art in the African world – writing that addresses in original ways intersections between the arts and social, political and economic concerns in a globalised world.

The goal of these workshops is to provide a platform for fostering such writing and to assist in developing a strong readership for it. In the middle and longer term, WiAiA’s aim is to connect, grow and sustain a community of young writers who will shape, share and propel the engaged discourse of the workshops as part of an ongoing online publication project.

The Lagos workshop is the first in a series of three intimate and highly focused writers’ workshops, which will be staged in 2009-2010 in three cities: Lagos, Dakar and Kinshasa.


Workshop participants will attend the entirety of the Ewa BamiJo festival (27-31 October 2009). The workshop proper will begin immediately following the festival, on 1 November 2009, and will last 4 days, ending on 4 November 2009. Participation throughout both the festival and the workshop proper will be full-time and will involve daily evening events and writing projects.The language of the Lagos workshop will be English. Accommodation, meals during the workshop and transportation to and from all events associated with the workshop will be provided.

So you want to apply?

Persons interested in participating in the workshop are invited to apply with the following materials:

Detailed CV; Letter stating why WiAiA is of interest to the applicant

•Submission of at least two (but no more than 5) writing samples:

=1 manuscript of no less than 10 pages single spaced, published or in progress:

= a collection of 10 (or more) poems

= or 1 chapter (or more) of a novel

= or 1 short story

= or 1 essay= or 1 article= or 1 play= or a combination of the above


- 1 text developed for the present workshop submission, of no fewer than 5 pages single spaced: an essay, article, short story, poem or related form that addresses/points to questions relating to contemporary art/creativity.

The names of selected candidates will be announced on 10 October 2009. Nomination will be by majority vote. Applications should be sent by email no later than midnight on September 20, 2009 to the following email address:

For more information, visit here.

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