Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saraba! Saraba!! Saraba!!! Birthday Wishes to Ms. Adichie

It's a two-in-one: Saraba and Chimamanda.

Saraba: These days when magazines are closing shop; more are also taking the online route of getting to their audience. Saraba is a not-so-new-kid on the block of literary magazines but it's a good one that will get you thinking. And it's not by the old faces we've always seen; it's by some young, revolutionaries insistent on positive change! For us at Bookaholic, this is very encouraging--shows we are not alone!

Their third issue is titled the Economy Issue; sure this will interest you: what's the connection between literature and the money mess we are in at the moment? Guess what, you don't read online alone, you can also have 'take-away' in the form of a PDF copy.

Find out more here.

Chimamanda: Happy birthday, Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Thank you for writing those stories and giving many young Nigerians (and writers) a reason to dream!