Saturday, September 5, 2009

Opinion: The Fate of a book!

This post is quite pessimistic and well 'realist': it is the 'fate' of most books! Also it is an excerpt from a book I read (Ama Ata's The Girl Who Can)and thought I should share but would like to hear from you on how true it is. So keep the comments coming.

Here it is:
"After a writer has written a book, no one, not even the writer knows for sure that a publisher would publish it. And if a publisher took it and published it, no one knows if the bookshops would take them wholesale to sell...And if the booksellers took them, they cannot be too sure that people would buy the to read!"


  1. I think this is true for most first literary efforts, and not for the already established names in the industry who would get publishers waiting in line for them as soon as they announce a mere intention to write a new book.

    So, I think the quote is most likely describing the author who is relatively unknown or is publishing for the first time. In any case, it is not an incorrect assessment.

  2. For the unknown author struggling to get acknowledgement (even from the critics!) this holds true.

    For the famous writers who publishers 'beg' to write something or anything...this is a secret fear...lying there in the deep corners of their hearts.

    But after an authour finishes his work, the book determines its own fate.