Thursday, April 22, 2010

Global New Media Site Seeks Creative Content

Dear Friends and Fellow Artists,

In collaboration with Grammy-award winning singer, Maya Azucena (, I'm developing a global new media project in partnership with various international agencies and artists that blends the creative world with the humanitarian world around the issue of women/motherhood/maternal health and Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #5.

Briefly, it's a new media "mash up" site that houses license-free music, film and spoken word clips by participating artists representing diverse genres, cultures and regions around the world. Users of the site will be able to mash up these clips to create their own advocacy PSAs. The site will be programmed so that these PSA's can be forwarded to networks, policymakers and development institutions. It will be focused around the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and will be promoted extensively around the international community starting in the fall.

We're looking for creative content contributions of all genres, styles, etc by artists including filmmakers, musicians, DJs, poets, who work at the local and/or international level.

In exchange for your contribution, we will promote you, your work, and your website, distribute your promotional materials at various events and strive to make linkages between two worlds which don't communicate with each other as often as they should, in my opinion.

If you or someone you may know is interested, please contact me at and I''ll forward more information and an Artist Invite Letter.

Lisa Russell, Director/Producer

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