Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Nigeria Pride Youth Essay Contest 2010

Be among the 3 winners of $350 each and global profiling by submitting a page essay on the topic.

"Discuss any skill,knowledge, technology, issue, product etc that Nigeria can develop, master and
begin to teach the rest of the world as a leading nation in that field by 2020 and beyond"

Eligibility - Nigerian youths 18-30 years of age and resident in Nigeria.

Deadline - entry closes April 15th, 2010.
Winners announced in May 2010

Submit entries with CV, passport photograph and a referee to

Organiser: Youngstars Foundation Jos with support from Skipsted Ideation, Denmark.

The time has come for Nigeria to become a leading country in a field of endeavour and contribute in making the world a better place. To achieve this, it is time we begin to think about areas we can develop further, master and become the best in such fields such that the rest of the world can learn from us. Different countries  of the world have today become known for one thing or the other, the Chinese have become known for herbal medicine as well as technology, Japan became known for technology also. India is also becoming a hub for ICT. USA is known for commerce and industries. The Asian Tigers also are known for all kinds of manufacturing. It is time Nigeria becomes known for something it is teaching and giving the world. Young people can lead in this discuss as we are sure to be the major actors come 2020 and beyond.

Winning essays shall be essays that are
   * Clear about the idea is it proposing that can make Nigeria a leading nation
   * Demonstrates good historical background about the issue being discussed
   * Point how Nigeria can begin to develop this field over a long term period
   * Grammar, creativity and simple use of English can make a huge difference.

Selection and Judges
From the pool of entries, 10 essays shall be selected and posted online for our team of local and international judges to evaluate and score up to 60points. After their scoring, the audience shall be invited to vote for their winning essays covering 30points. Youngstars shall have a 10point score to also award. After this process, the 3 winners shall be announced.

By submitting your essays, you agree to waive the following
Ø  Appealing against the final decisions of those announced winners for any reason whatsoever.
Ø  The essay once submitted to Youngstars becomes the full property of Youngstars Development Initiative, and by that the organisation is free to use the essays and articles for any other interactions
it deems fit.

(+234) 8065479817, (+234) 7035538876
or competition@youngstarsfounda, ystar27@yahoo. com

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