Thursday, April 8, 2010

JLF Writing Competition

JLF a non governmental and non profit organization in the country is set to dig deep into the Nigeria earth and uncover raw an uncut literary diamonds and polish them into 530 carat polished literary diamonds as it unveils its writing competition tagged JLF Writing Competition.

In the words of the organizers of the competition, the competition is ‘’instituted for the purpose of identifying talents in literature through competition, with the intent to evaluate and maintain the success of each competition by selecting the best, compensating them, preparing them for organized programs, to sustain and groom the winners!’’

The completion is open to all irrespective of age religion or social background. The only criterion is ability to write original, scintillating and captivating literature.

The competition is divided into categories to accommodate as many writers as possible. The categories include; Romance, Religion, Crime, Nature, Traditional, Science fiction and Thriller.

The completion offers exciting prices and opportunities. The winner of the contest will go home with $1,000 dollars and the opportunity to position themselves to write scripts for T.V, soap opera, journals and novels.

The first runner up will and second up will get 500 and 250 dollars respectively. There also consolations prizes for 20 entrants.

Entry for the competition is opened till May 30, 2010.

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  1. I have put this on Naija Stories as well. I hope people get to see it because it seems the organizers didn't do a good job of publicity initially. Thanks for sharing.