Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kulture Alliance Creative Arts Fellowship 2010

Kulture Alliance Creative Arts Fellowship 2010
November 26 to December 11, 2010 – Nairobi, Kenya

Kulture Alliance, in conjuction with the Centre for Creative Arts, Kenyatta University, Kenya and the Ben Ezigbo Foundation, is pleased to announce the commencement of application for its 2nd annual ‘Creative Arts Fellowship 2010.’

As in the previous edition, fellowship application is by an essay competition, and is only open to persons who have, at least, a good university degree, or its equivalent.

Performance arts have an increasingly important role to play in social transformation. Their role in achieving social inclusion have been acknowledged time and again by various government authorities who perceive them as tools for achieving purposeful and planned social outcomes with a wide range of people and communities experiencing poverty, disadvantage or discrimination. However, there are several factors that hinder the actualization of this role, especially in developing countries.

The theme of this year’s contest is: “The Creative Arts – Veritable Tools for Social Change”

Essay Description: Essays should focus on how either of the three major performance arts – dance, drama, music – can be used to fight societal problems, and propel the sense of communal responsibility. Entries should also address the problem of funding and show how the various art forms can be tailored to suit and reach an international audience.

There are 12 fellowship awards for the 2010 contest.

Essays must not be less than 2000 words (approx.). Fill “Creative Arts Fellowship” in the box for contest title on the submission form. Entries must be written in the English language and attached to the submission form as a Word Document (not more than 10MB).

Essays will be judged based on creativity, clarity and relevance to subject matter.

Entry Submission Deadline: April 19, 2010 (12 noon, G.M.T)

The judges for 2010 include Yasmil Raymond, Curator, Dia Foundation, John Spencer Jnr. (FESPAM), Koffi Mensah (Ghanaian Playwright) and Segun Arinze (2009 Kulture Alliance Fellow and current President, Actors Guild of Nigeria).

After submission deadline Kulture Alliance and its partners will not enter into correspondence with entrants prior to May 12, 2010 when essay winners will be announced. All enquiries should be forwarded to: Ms. Rose Abayomi, on email:

Essay contest winners will be published on on Thursday, May 13, 2010. In addition, successful candidates will be notified by email, and may be requested to forward copies of credentials and supporting documents.

Click here for the online application and entry submission.

Kulture Alliance Fellowships are two weeks long. Fellows begin by staying in Nairobi for three days where they participate in programme briefings and seminars, in preparation for their 10-day Community Theatre Projects.

Subsequently, the fellows move to Parkland where they are assigned offices equipped with computers, internet, phone and fax facilities.

During their stay, all Kulture Alliance Fellows receive free accommodations at a hotel within a few minutes walk of the Kulture Alliance office in Parkland.

Fellows are offered free return tickets to Nairobi, Kenya with necessary travel insurance.

Each fellow receives a stipend of 1130 USD during their stay to help pay for meals and expenses.

Kulture Alliance Fellows must agree to return to Nairobi at the end of their short projects, on December 11, to take part in a public presentation at which local artists will join fellows to discuss their projects, observations and recommendations.

Summary reports produced by K Eulture Alliance Fellows will be published on the websites of Kulture Alliance and its program partners here.


  1. I wish this seemed like a more reputable competition. Visited the page and the contest application download link is faulty, and so are both of the contact e-mails. Wonder how many people will be able to apply? LOL.

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