Friday, August 13, 2010

Get Published by Penguin+Unclear Call for a Writers Workshop!

Do you have a complete manuscript (s)? This may be your opportunity to get published. Grab it! More info on the Penguin Website.
"People frequently ask us how to go about getting published. Our company policy is to not accept unsolicited manuscripts or synopses and we cannot enter into correspondence about unpublished work. However, for a limited three-month period from the beginning of August until the end of October 2010, we will be inviting submissions to be sent in electronically to the following address:
We ask that email submissions comprise a brief covering note and synopsis and not a full manuscripts. Please do not send attachments, please write out your cover note and synopsis in the body of the email. We remain unable to accept hard copy submissions and will not return or be responsible for the safety of any that we do receive, so please do not send any original or hard copy manuscripts to us. We will not contact you with feedback on your submission and will only enter into email correspondence with you if an editor within Penguin is keen to progress your idea."
This Call for Writers is Unclear. We got this call sometime in the week; it got us wondering. Reasons for this are in RED.

An International Development Organization is seeking entries from young creative writers to participate in a residential writing work shop in Abuja ; to enhance participant’s skills in development creative writing. The objective of the Workshop is to identify highly talented but not yet established writers who will be able to write for any of the organization’s outputs. 

Interested applicants must be are able to attend the 5 days residential retreat without the encumbrances of their day-jobs. The applicant must be self motivated and willing to learn new skills. Applicant must show proof of writing. 

Selection Criteria: 
The major factors in selection will be literary achievement and strength of application pack and also the perceived ability to fit into our organization’s writing style (We do not know your organisation neither are we aware of your style!)

How to Apply;
All applicants should send:

1. A one page suitability statement (what does this mean?).
2. A brief bio.
3. alongside a ten page Sample Script (A script? By this, what do you mean: A TV script, a play script, a short story or 10poems, one per page?)+ To think that this is to be generated for a company I am unaware of their writing style. Ten pages, seriously? 

Send application pack to: 
Application pack should get to the email address on or before close of business 20/08/2010.

Okay everyone, we are just asking questions. You may apply for it if you think that you have the powers to read into the writing style of this organisation...whatever your choice, all the best!

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  1. I suggest interested people send a email asking for details to the address in the call first before any thing else.