Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Writing Notes...

Sometime in May, 2010, we were part of the Lagos 2060 writing workshop. Here are some notes that should help all writers become better. Enjoy. Learn. Practise. Write. And then write some more...

Note 1: Outline your plot and number each sequence, then tackle the sequences one at a time, it will help you tackle the complex themes you might be juggling in a sci-fi story better. It also helps you see any holes in your story structure that need to be plugged even before you write the story.

Note 2: Pay attention to the human angle. No matter what level of science you're dealing with, work on the emotional side of the characters, let's feel we are dealing with real people even if in weird situations.

Note 3: Remember it's LAGOS: 2060 (Let's find your setting in your work!). Let us feel the city, and let us feel it's in the future, but remember it's only 50 years from now, so dont go too overboard....did I add...let it be fun? Yes, that my motive again! 


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