Friday, August 5, 2011

Career at KTravula

You've been seeking an outlet for those articles, here's an opportunity. Our friend at KTravula seeks writers. 

A popular travel blog seeks freelance writers to write or seek at least one travel or travel-related post (of about 400 words, with pictures) every week. The blog focuses on bringing the nuances of the world to the attention of the reading public. “Nuances” here include destinations, fascinating things, art people, events, literature, and activities. The focus is usually on the ordinary and the surprising things of the world. But let us hear what you have. We would like to see new ways of looking at the world. (Take a look around on the blog to have an idea). has been nominated 12 times for the Nigerian Blog Awards including nomination for Best Travel Blog in 2010 and 2011. Started as an account of one man’s journey across the world between Nigeria and the United States, it is now evolving to include views and observations from all around the world, especially the little, undiscovered or overlooked places. If you enjoy observing things and writing about it, this is for you.

Payment is negotiable. Send application with a sample of writing to

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