Tuesday, August 23, 2011

United Nations International Year of Youths Essay Contest

In honour of the United Nations International Year of Youths, Ugreen Foundation, a youth organisation promoting a constructive citizenship participation in democracy and governance in Nigeria hosted a project titled 'Change Your World+Nigerian Youths, Be Energized, Be Engaged.' The project is divided into three segments.

1. An interactive session with Nigerian youth leaders: the interactive session featured paper presentations on leadership, governance and democracy, group works and panel disscusions.

2. A Change Your World Rural Area Project: the participant in the interactive session to form a youth forum and elect their leaders and is charged with the task of brainstorming on a program they can do in support for democracy in any rural area.

3. Change Your World Essay Contest: This essay contest is to ensure youth participation in governance and democracy. The topic of the essay is: 'As Nigeria is faced with the challenges of terrorism and post electoral violence, what can young people do to help consolidate our young democracy?' The 10 best essays will be published in a booklet to be given free to young people. The best three essays will be published in World Youth Movement for Democracy Website, Youngstars Development Foundation Website, Ugreen Foundation website and in four blogs. The overall winner gets a chance to attend a one year democracy training of Youngstars Development Foundation (Desplay Africa Season 7).

It is our belief that young people will reshape the world and United Nations is given us the platform to do that by announcing August 2010 - August 2011 as the International Year of Youths.

Submit your essay to: ugreen07@yahoo.com


a. Any Nigerian resident in Ebonyi state

b. Must be between 18 and 35 years old.

c. Not more than 1500 words.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: ugreen07@yahoo.com

For submissions: ugreen07@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.ugreenfoundation.org/

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