Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing: Khamo

Khamo is in the business of distributing movies, television, ebooks, adverts, songs for its clients. It is also in the business of helping artists get their royalty for the use of their songs on t.v programs and on the web without their consent.

With a drive to let the content of the content owners pay, Khamo is in the market to deploy a one stop solution for content owners. The content Khamo is facing are ebooks, music, movies, television shows, adverts and related contents.

In this stride, Khamo is constantly opening up partnership with various front-end media platforms around the world so that the end users who have interest in the content we offer would pay for them, thus giving room for the content owner to get paid for his work.

What's more, Khamo brings to the market a distinct music royalty detection platform by which music artists can detect from leading television channels and the entire web if their song has been used in anyway without their legal consent. This creates a platform where musicians can claim their royalty that would have been lost. Our system has a cut-teeth approach such that it can detect a song no matter how buried it is in a track, it never fails.

Also among our features is a platform where advertisers can get their content delivered to the leading digital media platforms around the world just with the click of a button.

We all know fully well that in a globalized world, it will be useless to be popular and your solution/content is not available within the reach of people interested in your work, this gives room for piracy to have its way or other vices such that the original content owner would not get paid for his effort. Khamo creates a platform where it's client's content gets promoted.

And what's the best part of it? Our price is user-friendly such that we give room to all parties no matter their pocket rate, as we focus on quality of content to be distributed to the international media.

Presently in Nigeria, Khamo believes the world is it's office and as such is focusing on professionalism and quality in getting things done. Its been long overdue for this type of solution to be in the market place, here it is.

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