Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing: NigeriansTalk: Again

NigeriansTalk.org is a one-stop site for those interested in seeing Nigeria through the lens of its large community of bloggers.  We feature opinion and analysis, regular feeds, articles, and reviews of posts written by bloggers of Nigerian extraction, bloggers living in Nigeria, and bloggers who blog about Nigeria. NigeriansTalk seeks to cover the wide spectrum of perspectives on various social, political, and personal issues – issues that affect Nigerians at home and abroad.  They also have our favourite NT LitMag. 

As you must have noticed, we’ve started a campaign to raise the profile of NT. We don’t have the budget to advertise on TV, radio or in the print media. All we have is the social media and the power of influence of our team. 

We’ve come to be seen as a bunch of really smart people who write very smart analysis of Nigerian issues, and in good language. It is hard to imagine that this bunch of talented writers and analysts cannot leverage their intelligence and influence to promote the ads we’ve designed. The ads in themselves are a testimony to the kind of discussions we want to advance with NT - funny, tongue-in-cheek, and unmistakably smart. 

The core of this campaign is to tell Nigerians that NT exists, that it's not your regular commentary site. That NT does things differently. That is our narrative, and we have only ourselves to credit if this works perfectly. People need to know that from now on, any campaign or initiative from NT will be creative, intelligent and groundbreaking!

NT's challenge now is to push the campaign as far as we can, individually. We want more people to follow us on Twitter & like us on Facebook. We want to build a community of people we can easily engage with on daily basis, with our contents.

If you are on Twitter please retweet our tweets concerning the campaign from @nigerianstalk. Promote the images with the hashtag #nigerianstalk. Let more people know that they can come up with clever versions of theirs by tweeting their entries at us, or dropping it as comments on Facebook. We intend to execute the clever entries and credit the originators. We may feature their works frontpaged on NT.

On FB you can tag your friends with the ads hereLet the campaign begin afresh.  Let’s do this, smart people.

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