Monday, July 9, 2012

NBC and AAF: National Art Competition

The African Artists’ Foundation and Nigerian Breweries Plc present the fifth edition of the annual National Art Competition entitled “Consequences”.

Following 2011’s edition which witnessed a shift in focus from completed works to a method coined “Process To Product”, this year’s program aims to further develop the creative approach by contributing to the intellectual content of artistic thought and processes while nurturing particular, often-neglected skill sets in the art community. Rather than submit finished work, artists are required to submit a written proposal of their intentions for the theme “Consequences”. The selected artists will then complete their work during a week-long workshop led by industry professionals at a retreat in Nigeria. 

At a time of great flux and global anxiety, where wars are being waged, economies are in crisis, technologies are changing daily patterns, climate changes are altering the environment, and political and religious instability is leading to civil unrest, we must reflect on the consequences of our actions. 

Consequences are the result and outcome of past occurrences, a chain of cause and effect. Consequences tie the actions of the past with the present and dictate the possibilities of the future. Consequences necessarily imply a temporal linkage. We do not live in a bubble of our present time; everything is relational. Our present actions are determined by past events, and these actions will in turn have consequences for the future. 

Consequences can be negative or positive, but they are never that clear cut. Consequences are about paradox, contradiction, and overall a condition of uncertainty. 

With the fast pace of change occurring in our Nation, including the expansive growth of urban population centers and an explosion of technology that is dissolving barriers and leading to new types of interactions, it is important for artists to consider the practical and conceptual concerns relating to the local and international consequences of changes in our cultural environment. 

Whether these be political, social, economic, environmental, or personal consequences, artists are required to submit a written proposal expanding on their intentions for the theme “Consequences” and specifying their medium. All artistic genres qualify, including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installation, and video art.

Based on the submissions, the AAF selection committee will assess all submitted entries and shortlist a total of up to fifteen finalists. Professor El Anatsui will head the artistic selection committee this year. All works created at the workshop will be exhibited and rated by a panel of judges at the Grand Finale Event and Exhibition.      

The cash prizes to be won are as follows:
3rd prize – N1,000, 000.00 (One million naira)
2nd prize – N1, 500, 000.00 (One point five million naira) 
1st prize – N2, 000, 000.00 (Two million naira)

Closing date for receipt of all written proposals is 10 July 2012.

About AAF
Established in 2007, African Artists’ Foundation is a non-profit art organization, which aims to promote the development of African art and artists, with the joint mission of raising awareness of relevant societal issues through the use of creative and artistic expression. In carrying out its mission, AAF organizes competitions, workshops and exhibitions all aimed at unearthing talent, creating societal awareness and promoting the development of art in Nigeria.


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